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A guide to buying your perfect umbrella

When deciding to invest in an umbrella it may be a rash decision, made as you are dashing down the road into a shop to buy a brolly to save you from an unexpected downpour, or it may be one a little more carefully thought out. If you are a little more prepared and think ahead of time then you can explore the tremendous range of umbrellas available, and not be lumbered with a poor quality umbrella that will not withstand the weather. We’ve got a handy guide to purchasing your perfect umbrella:


It is pretty obvious that the purpose of an umbrella is to keep you sheltered from the elements, however, the purpose of your umbrella is important in your buying decision. You need to decide what the main use will be, are you looking for a golf umbrella, wedding umbrella or foldable umbrella? Golf umbrellas have a bigger surface area, and wedding umbrellas can be bought in helpful packs and customised for your event. For more everyday use you may be looking more to a foldable umbrella, or one with a more of a stylish look.


Price is another factor to consider; they say you get what you pay for in terms of brollies. However, our low-cost umbrellas are made of high quality materials so even if your budget is small, you won’t be let down. However, if you are looking to spend a little more, it will certainly be a worthy investment, some of the brands we stock offer sturdy frames with blunt edges, giving you an element of luxury into your life, as well as an umbrella that you really can rely on to keep you sheltered in any weather conditions.

Overall Design

This is very much down to personal preference, do you want to stand out in the street or blend into the background? There are SO many design options available in terms of umbrellas, from fun patterns for kids to sophisticated handles for adults. Maybe your dream is to be like the queen and have an umbrella in a wide variety of colours that match each and every outfit in your wardrobe. We have so many brollies available in a wide variety of colours such as red, black, yellow and pink umbrellas.

Canopy Style

Different styles of canopy are again suitable for different needs; for example, the classic birdcage umbrella is a great all rounder, keeping you well protected with rain drops running off the sides. Where as a large gold umbrella offers a broader protection for you and your clubs so that a bit of damp weather doesn’t ruin your game day!


The handle may be something of important to you, particularly if you will be carrying your umbrella regularly and for a long period of time. You want to pick something that will sit comfortably in your hand, whether that is a stylish wooden handle, perfect for a sophisticated umbrella look, or a simple rubber handle that offers a good grip, which is great for a bit of windy weather.


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