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Top Free or Cheap Things To Do With Your Kids This Half Term

Half term is upon us, and although for many parents this is a lovely time to spend some quality time with your children before the Christmas rush, it can often be difficult to find things to do to keep the kids entertained. Summer allows us the luxury of visiting the beach or being outdoors 24/7, so what do we do when Autumn rolls in? You don’t want the kids plonked in front of the TV for their whole holiday or playing video games.

Autumn is not always raining, and we’ve been lucky enough to experience some dry days this October. Plant a garden or vegetable patch with your kids to make sure they are getting outside this half term. Even if there is a little bit of rain, grab the children’s umbrellas to cover them as they inspect their mini-garden. Watching the plants or vegetables growing will be exciting for the children.

Autumn is also a perfect time to go bird watching. Take a pair of binoculars and a book about the local birds and get your children to identify as many birds as possible. Get them to draw and write about the birds, insects, animals and plants they’ve seen on their adventures. This will ensure your children are still learning while they are away from school.

Visit a public library near to you and let the kids pick out a book to read when the weather is a little dull to go outside. This will engage their imagination much more than the TV and can help them improve their literacy skills. Or why not find some how-to books and you can learn to make something new together? You could also create a mini-book club, by creating a reading list for your kids to read. You, your children and their friends can then get together to discuss the books.

Another great indoor activity is museums. Find out about all the local museums in your area or take a road trip to a new place to visit the museums there. These can be a great source of learning for children whilst keeping them engaged for the whole day.

Encourage your children to get creative. Why not ask them to stage a play, or do a talent show? There can be prizes and you can invite their friends over to join in.

Forests and woodland can be beautiful and exciting places to visit in autumn, as the trees change colour and leaves fall from the branches. Arm yourself with yours and your childrens umbrellas and head out to your local woodland. Have a leaf fight or take your dog for a walk.

Hide items around the house and encourage your children to go on a scavenger hunt, give your children a list of the items or maps or clues to find these items and see who can find the most items.

If your children enjoy drawing, ask them to create a comic book and then share them with the rest of the family.

Ask the kids to make a house from a big cardboard box, let them decorate it with paint or markers and let them have hours of fun playing house. Or why not try fort building? Get out all the old blankets, duvets and pillows you have tucked away and allow the kids to build a fort in the living room.

Why not set up an in-house spa? Painting the kids’ nails, doing new hair-dos or doing each other’s make-up.

Easy to do science experiments are also a great option as kids will always be fascinated by these. Find out how to do kid-friendly experiments on the internet or through a science book.

Bake some tasty treats with the kids in the kitchen. Let them pick the treat of choice and help them measure. The treats will taste so much better to the children as they will feel a sense of accomplishment from making these.

Have a boogie. Put on the kid’s favourite songs and let them dance the afternoon away. This will allow the kids to get rid of some pent-up energy from having to stay in the house as well as getting them to exercise in a fun and exciting way.

If your kids love music, why not make your own instruments? How-to guides are easily accessible online. You can try making an array of instruments and start your own family band.

If you all sick of being indoors, why not get outside? Grab your children’s umbrellas and get outside and play in the rain. Jump in the puddles. The children will absolutely love the chance to do something different. When you get home all put on your jammies and enjoy a big mug of hot chocolate with cream and marsh mellows to warm up.

If you’re kids enjoy learning new skills why don’t you all learn a new language of somewhere you would all love to visit in the future? YouTube has an array of free tutorial videos that can help you with the basics. You can learn all about different countries, through online resources, and learn to make their traditional meals for dinner.

There are several free or cheap things to try with your children this half term that will ensure your children will never say “I’m bored”. Why not try out a few of these for yourself this week?

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