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Halloween - A Time For Pumpkins, Sweets, Tricks And Treats!

Halloween is nearly upon us which means just one thing - trick or treat?

But what if trick or treating isn't for you, whether it be you don't live in a kid-friendly neighbourhood, object to the idea of asking for sweets from strangers or don't like the idea of your kids being super hyper from the massive quantities of sugar.

There is good news, thankfully there are still a load of activities to do that are still in the spirit of autumn. Best part is that you can customise them to make as spooky - or not - as you desire.

Pumpkin Hunt

One alternative for trick or treating is decorating and searching for mini pumpkins.

This is a two-part activity. Go out and grab yourself some pumpkins, small or big it's up to you and let your children paint and customise them as they wish. Give them all the necessary craft supplies including paint, stickers, google-y eyes and glitter and let their imagination run wild.

Once the painting has finished let the pumpkins dry and you can leave it there and just use them as house decorations or outside in the garden or you can take it another step further.

For part two you can take a page out of Easter’s book and instead of hiding and finding little chocolate eggs hide the pumpkins you have just decorated. If the October chill isn't too bad you can hide them in the garden as well.

Let your family loose and see who can find the most, If you are going to do this then choose smaller pumpkins so they are easier to carry around but you could get a larger one and paint it gold hidden in the most difficult place in the house to find too.

Getting Crafty

To compliment your mini pumpkins you can make a bunch of other fun and easy crafts for Halloween. Polystyrene balls, tissue paper, and string can be used to create a row of little ghosts, Halloween masks out of paper plates or hanging bats out of black crepe paper the possibilities are endless and it’s also a good way to get the family together.

Bobbing For Apples…(or anything really)

This one is a classic right, but in order to spice up the fruit classic why not mix it up with doughnuts as that sounds much better in our books.

Use some kitchen twine and string up your doughnuts from a clothes line or tree and give everyone a turn but of course no hands!

Not only it is tasty but also very entertaining so make sure to have your camera handy for some perfect shots to share with your friends on instagram too.

Hallow-themed Night In

Nothing is better than a cozy family night in with a movie and snack,

Snacks first: get your bake off on and create festive treats, so if you're not doing trick or treating your kids can still get the treats, Baking cupcakes or cookies and letting them decorate them as pumpkins, skeletons or wizards, and witches will not only be fun for them but a tasty snack for you too. Winners all round.

Once the snacks have been made sit down infront a movie, the films don't need to be scary. Thank goodness for The Nightmare Before Christmas, (The debate still lives on whether is a Halloween of christmas film), Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus!

Autumnal Walks

Yes when you first read this one you will be a bit intrigued as what kids like going for walks with their parents, however, you can make it as fun as possible...we promise. Seeing as it's autumn you can create a trail and let find the biggest leaf they can or the shiniest conker, make it as competitive as you desire and making them look for various objects will distract them with the fact they are out for walk… Also bonus it should wear them out for the night too.

Of course it being Autumn and living in the UK rain can be almost certain while out for a wonder. But getting your kids one of our fun character umbrellas will for sure lighten the mood if the heavens do decide to open.

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