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5 Halloween Outfits Ideas For Kids

With Halloween fast approaching, we go through some of our favourite fail-safe outfit choices for children’s costumes to help inspire you. Even though there's rain forecasted for the end of October, you shouldn't let that ruin your family fun!

Children’s fancy dress ideas with a pirate eyepatch


Pirates are cool again, especially with Jake the Pirate series being so popular amongst young children. Make the trick and treating more fun, and go as a family of pirates. Practise your best pirate impressions and spook your neighbours for all their candy!

Little girl dressed as a ballerina outdoors without an umbrella


This is a great option for children that love to dance, as they can show off their pivots to the neighbours, or children that don’t want to be scary this Halloween. Get out the glittery eyeshadow to add a bit of sparkle to the outfit. This outfit is easy to assemble, with white tights and tutus available in many shops, which makes this a perfect compromise between busy parents with no time between work and home life and a child who wants to shine.

Mother and son dressed in a dinosaur outfit


Dinosaurs are the best Halloween costume for kids with big personalities. Let them impress your neighbours with their best roar! Dinosaur costumes will also be inevitably packed with more padding, which will keep them warm in the colder weather.

Young child dressed as buzz lightyear


What kid doesn’t want to be a hero? With the popularity of Toy Story at the moment Buzz Lightyear may be the space hero of choice this year. Buzz Lightyear costumes will be high on demand this year, so we recommend searching for this early on to avoid disappointment.

Children’s fancy dress ideas such as a cat


Cats are a great option for young kids who love animals. Cats ears and child-friendly face paint can be purchased from your local supermarket, during your food shops, on the run up to Halloween. The rainy weather could however make the makeup run so why not try a cat-inspired umbrella to keep the face paint intact?

As we reach autumn the English weather can be somewhat unpredictable and with rain forecasted for most of October Halloween trick or treating could be a somewhat challenging experience that can make parents anxious it will not be an enjoyable experience for all. Don’t let the weather dampen your plans for trick or treating with your kids this Halloween; there are plenty of children’s umbrellas to match your kids outfit choices.

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