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Happy Umbrella Day 2016!

National Umbrella Day takes place on February 10, 2016 and is celebrated across the world. The day honours the brilliant and very convenient invention that protects us from rain or sun.

To celebrate here is a fact about the origin of the word: ‘Umbrella’ evolved from the Latin umbella meaning flat topped rounded flower or umbra meaning shaded. In Britain, brolly is a popular slang word for umbrella, and we do make use of them nearly every day!

An umbrella, or a parasol help protect us from the rain or the sun and used to be fairly standard in its design but now there are a huge variety that come in all shapes, sizes and colours – collapsible umbrellas to fit in your bag, wedding umbrellas, golf umbrellas, even little ones for kids!

And why not spoil yourself on National Umbrella Day by buying a new one from Jolly Brolly.

Photo by Kieran Clarke

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