Hipster fashion is everywhere at the moment, and it is no more perfectly demonstrated that during the summer time. Floral patterns, lace materials and, of course, the perfect parasol are just a few of the best bohemian summer trends. Here, we look at how boho babes can keep cool during the heatwave whilst still showing off their enviable style.

Hipster Heatwave

Fashion in the past few seasons has seen a shift from the mainstream to the eclectic, with the 90s coming back in full force. This is demonstrated in oversized boyfriend jeans, crop tops and chokers, as both teenagers, twentysomethings and beyond enjoy a cool, festival-themed summer style. The hotter months have seen celebrity boho style icons come out in full force, particularly during festival season. Vanessa Hudgens was spotted at Coachella in a gorgeous red patterned playsuit, teamed perfectly with fringed ankle boots and a fedora, turning her from child star into hipster icon.

Other celebrities such as Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine and Sienna Miller have also shown stunning summer style ideas, with over-sized blazers and hats worn with bug-eye sunglasses and a signature tote bag. Taking influences from the 60s right up until the 90s, throwback style with a contemporary twist is huge this season, and with so many great icons and stockists, there is inspiration everywhere.

Keeping Cool & Looking Cooler

The recent heatwave (and the one we are about to have if the weather reports are to be believed) has caused all manner of difficulty for women looking to embrace the latest styles whilst not melting in the sun. Wearing chic oversized clothing to get a boho look is a great idea, but in practice it could be somewhat uncomfortable. The big sunhat and floor-length floral skirt works wonders at a festival, but on the tube? Not so much. So how do you keep stylish and breezy on a hot summer day? Here are some of our top tips:

- Check the weather report before you get dressed! If you’ve decided on a pair of bell-bottom jeans and a gypsy top but the weather report says 27 degrees, perhaps change the jeans for a pair of cut-off shorts and Greek-style sandals to ensure a minimum of sweating!

- Wear what makes you comfortable. You may want to wear a pair of teeny-tiny hotpants with your oversized white shirt and epic fedora, but if your thighs aren’t the same as Kylie Jenner then you might run the risk of some not-so-glamorous chafing in the hot weather.

- Simple style speaks volumes. Some celebrities can get away with mismatched prints, statement jewellery and leather in all its forms, however the average joe on the commute definitely needs to keep it simple in order to be comfortable during a heatwave. You can keep the boho style without having layers upon layers, try a pair of patterned harem trousers, a simple white tee and a pair of shades, then accessorise to your comfort.

- Get a quality parasol to keep you cool. One of the best tips we can recommend is getting a couple of parasols in varying shades to help keep you cool. One of the most annoying parts of having hot weather is the risk of sweat patches and dripping make up, but having a parasol handy is the perfect way to keep the temperature down where it counts. It also adds to the boho look and is a great way to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Perfect Parasols for the Boho Babe

We at Jollybrolly know that a brolly is not just for the rainy weather, in fact they can be just as helpful in the sun. We’ve got a huge range of umbrellas that are perfect for completing a bohemian look. For lovers of designer threads, our Lulu Guinness Clear Domed Birdcage umbrella is chic and stylish with an eye-catchinly kitsch design, this is perfectly teamed with a simple white gypsy dress and either fringed sandals or coyboy boots.

The Beige Boutique Pagoda umbrella is a gorgeous addition any boho wardrobe as it goes with anything and the pagoda shape is synonymous with classic style, making it a great piece to contrast with something a bit more eclectic. Team with a crop top and a floor-length hippy skirt for a feminine look which also has a bit of quirk to it.

Another boho brolly you can’t go wrong with is the gorgeous Lisbeth Dahl Coral with Gold Pattern umbrella. The coral pink shade is on trend for this summer’s look but the gold pattern adds a vintage edge which helps to solidify the boho in your look. Try out this brolly with a denim playsuit and sandals for a summer look that keeps you cool, both in temperature and style!

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