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Heavy rain to continue in the North

Northern England is still on flood alert as heavy rain continues in the aftermath of Storm Abigail – the first storm to have been named by the Met office.

Constant downpours over the weekend have left ground sodden and unable to soak up much more water, while rivers are swollen and there are plenty of people drying out rain coats after being caught outside in the rain.

Rain Pouring Guttering Heavy Downpour | Dome Umbrella Keep Dry | Jollybrolly Umbrellas For Sale Online Shop Pixabay under Creative Commons

With more than 180mm of rain having fallen overnight in some parts of Northern England many people found themselves drenched when they headed out this morning.

It’s easy to avoid a soaking though, by popping an umbrella over your head!

We find that in heavy rain which is accompanied by a bit of wind a dome umbrella can often be the best kind to use, since it offers all round protection from the elements.

So if you’re thinking of getting yourself something to stay dry, why not check out our selection online!

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