So, you’re packing for your holiday: Costume? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Suncream? Check.

Then you look up the forecast and discover that torrential rain is due in your paradise destination that week. So much for winter-sun getaways...

But don’t panic. You don’t have to have endless blue skies to have non-stop fun on your break, and you don’t even have to have wall-to-wall sunshine to enjoy being outdoors. Here are some tips.

First of all, don’t be afraid to pack an umbrella. It’s not tempting fate, and it’s not pessimistic. It doesn’t have to be a big golfing umbrella, just choose a compact one in a colour you’d be happy to see as an accessory, and sneak it into your bag. The day you need it, you’ll be really glad you bothered.

Next, be open-minded. When you get there, you’ll find there’s more to explore on a rainy day than you realised. Ask the locals if you’re stuck for ideas, and you might even find you get invited to socialise, or directed to somewhere off the beaten track that is usually hidden from the tourists.

Being open-minded extends to ideas like walking in a downpour, getting creative outdoors with your family den-building, and even swimming in the rain if you’ve never tried it. (It’s often warmer than you’d think, and you may well have the whole beach to yourself!)

If none of these ideas excite you, and you consider the umbrella is strictly for the days when you have no option but to run through a shower trying to save your holiday hair from getting wet, then how about a rule that says heavy rain means you're rewarded with a day of pampering.

Get to the spa and book a day of activities that leave you rested and rejuvenated, or spend a little less by stocking up on holiday luxuries for a DIY bath-centred spa of your own for the day. Check out the coffee shops, browse book stores, and visit the cinema on a rainy afternoon.

Come on. Just because it rains on your holiday, it doesn’t mean it will be a wash-out. Just stay positive, get creative, and be determined to enjoy yourself, whatever the weather!