Whether you are the chief bridesmaid, a guest or the bride-to-be, there is one pre-wedding event to get excited about – the hen party! Drinks, dancing and lots of laughter is a guarantee and to keep things stimulated throughout the day and night, you will want a few tricks up your sleeve to make the day fun and memorable, and cause as much laughter as possible!

Bingo cards

This one needs some organising, but the effects are lots of fun, and works great over daytime cocktails or afternoon tea. Have guests write down what gifts they think the bride will receive, and as she opens them, mark off any presents written down. Once a guest gets five in a row they shout Bingo, and the prize can be more drinks or cake! What’s great is that Bingo can be tailored to your own party!


This is an old party game which creates a lot of laughter as you read them out, and as it’s a hen party you can add a risqué twist to the headings of ‘his name’, ‘her name’, ‘where they met’, ‘what he said’, ‘what she said’ and ‘what happened in the end’. Remember to fold the paper over after you have written your answer and pass the paper on to the next person.

Post it note game

As well as being fun, this game is great for celebrating the bride-to-be and the relationship you have with her. Take a post it note and write down a memory or sentence about the bride, then put them all in a bowl and have her read them out and get her to guess who wrote them! This will be a lovely game to start off your evening.

Balloon question

This game will also help take care of the decorations too! Write down as many questions as balloons you have (up to 15), making them as embarrassing or hilarious as possible, and put them inside the balloons as you blow them up. Throughout the hen do, pop the balloons and make the bride-to-be answer the question or have a drink! This game is great for a giggle and drinking!

Banned words or names

You can make this game as difficult or easy as you want! Choose a list of words that cannot be spoken throughout the party, and decide what the punishment will be for breaking the rules, like a drink or dare! The hardest one is to not let anyone say anyone else’s name – especially any mention of the groom!

Mr and Mrs quiz

This game will test the brides’ knowledge of her partner, to see how well she really knows them. A classic hen party game that never fails to entertain. What you need is a list of questions, and get the groom to help out with composing them so they can be as difficult as possible – and remember his answers too. Any answers she gets wrong, make a note and provide a forfeit!

Toilet paper dress

For a hen party which has a mixture of people who all know the bride but might not know each other, this is a great game to break the ice. Split into teams, from two teams or more depending on the number of guests, nominate a ‘bride’ for each team, grab a lot of toilet and kitchen paper, and try to make the most stylish wedding dress possible. Make sure you put a time limit on the game and provide sticky tape to each team so the dresses can hold together!

Scavenger hunt

This is a game which works best for hen parties taking place in a town or city. What you need to do is split into teams and track down a list of items, which can be anything from a selfie with a stranger to a piece of men’s clothing. The first team to get all the items, wins.

Dress the bride

Make the hen party fancy dress, but only for the bride. All the guests need to bring an item of fancy dress for the bride to wear, and to make it more fun, the bride has to guess who brought what item. You can easily base the fancy dress around a theme or a budget – and it is best to stick to stuff that’s not too embarrassing for the bride-to-be!

Also, remember some fun party favours for all the guests – it could be anything, from stylish Molly Marais umbrellas, oversized bottles of champagne, or a piece of jewellery unique to every guest!