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Here’s why you should want rain on your wedding day!

So many couples fear rain on their wedding day, especially if much of your wedding is going to be held outdoors. However, rain should be the least of your worries on your wedding day, and could be the least disastrous thing you might encounter.

But if you need some more reassurance why you should want rain on your wedding day, have a look below:

  1. Flowers last longer: On a hot sunny day, you might arrive at the reception to find those stunning flowers you carefully picked out have wilted a bit and lost their dazzle. On rainy days, however, flowers are less likely to wilt because of the cooler temperatures and humidity.
  2. The photos will be magical: Forget about the puddles and the end of the dress getting wet (it will dry off!) and focus on the great photo opportunity before you. Grab a wedding umbrella for a cute pic, and make use of the bright colours that will show up in the rain.
  3. A rainbow can appear: A rainbow will create another amazing backdrop for a photo – completely free - and will definitely bring a smile to the face of all your guests.
  4. A sign of good luck: Though rain on the wedding day can be a brides’ worst nightmare, but in some cultures rain on your wedding day is considered good luck, symbolising fertility and cleansing. Think positively either way – everyone needs some extra luck on their big day!
  5. No allergies: Rain helps to wash away all those allergies that come with the spring and summer seasons. A hot and sunny day will kick your allergies into overdrive, but rain will keep them at bay, and reduces airborne pollen.
  6. An excuse to cuddle and huddle: We all know rain can be romantic from all those films! A bit of rain will get everyone, especially the bride and groom, cuddled up and huddling under a wedding umbrella. The rain can also get you making friends if you are short of an umbrella and have to double up!
  7. It will make a great story: Though we hardly see rain as a disaster, an epic story of how a storm raged on your wedding day can make for a great story. Having something different of a bit unconventional for a wedding day like a surprise downpour will also make your wedding day even more memorable.

Photo by: Rain & Son

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