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Hiking with Umbrellas : Don't Let the Rain Stop You

Let’s start with a disclaimer- under no circumstances are we advocating going hiking in the middle of a hurricane! Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme for the UK, but please always check your weather report for dangerous conditions like lightning, flooding or risk of landslides before you go out.

Luckily in our part of the world bad weather generally just means cracking out your umbrellas in the UK and we don’t think this should stop you from enjoying some of the beautiful hiking locations the country has to offer! Here’s our top 3 reasons not to let the rain stop you:

Rain is Good for You

Rain can be good for you, both mentally and physically. Bad weather tends to put people off, so chances are any trails will at their quietest and most peaceful. Perfect for a bit of solo hiking and mindfulness.... See this as the perfect time for your mind to rest and recharge without the risk of anyone interrupting you.

Not only that, rain actually contains negative ions which are extremely good for us. Negative ions help refresh the air and can even help to  reduce asthma and fatigue. That’s exactly why it feels so good to take a big deep breath when it starts raining!

You Can Whack Out Your Rain Gear

If you’re an avid hiker we know you’ve spent a fair bit of time getting kitted out. Finding a fantastic waterproof jacket top of the line waterproof hiking shoes and maybe you’ve gone as far as to invest in one of the top UK umbrellas. Whatever you’ve opted for, instead of leaving them to get dusty in your closet, the rain offers the opportunity to pull them off and make use of all that research you did!

The Kids Will Love It

Puddles almost always equal instant fun for young children. Make sure your kids are bundled up and waterproofed and let the rainy day fun begin! Just be prepared to throw all clothing straight in the wash as soon as you get in as things could get muddy out there!

The rain also means you’ll have the opportunity to see a whole host of animals that only come out when there’s been a shower. From snails to frogs to maybe even a salamander if you’re lucky… there will be unique wildlife for your kids to find and enjoy.

If that’s not enough to sway you, you often get a glorious rainbow after the showers clear and sending your kids hunting for the pot of gold at the end is a whole new level of fun!

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