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The History Behind Buying A Mens Umbrella

Men and their umbrellas go back hundreds of years, with the very first umbrellas being manufactured for widespread use in England in the late 1700s.

The history behind a simple handheld canopy dates back much further however, thousands of years in the past where Middle Eastern sculptures depict the use of parasols.

Over time and for no specific reason, the similar products of an umbrella and a parasol have become interchangeable despite the fact that they serve two different purposes. Umbrellas are of course specifically designed to protect you from the rain, whereas parasols are used to enjoy shade from the sun - some people find out the hard way that the majority of parasols aren’t waterproof!

Mens umbrellas are still commonly carried around by the modern-day male, but rarely used. It’s fair to say you’ll often see businessmen choosing to make a dash for cover rather than taking the time to open a pocket umbrella.

A French magazine recently reported that the majority of men will carry an umbrella to work for a few months of year, only to use it just a handful of times. That said, with weather conditions seemingly worsening year on year, it makes sense to invest in a quality umbrella to avoid a drenching.

As we all know, British weather conditions can be changeable at any time of year so it makes sense to have a men’s umbrella that can stand up to heavy rain and strong winds - but which style of brolly will give you the best mens umbrella?

There are actually a number of styles to choose from, but you generally can’t go wrong with a traditional classic umbrella. This is without question the most commonly-used brolly in the UK, partly due to the fact it’s both retractable and strong.

The only real customisation you can add here is a choice of manual or automatic opening, which ultimately is down to personal preference.

The alternatives to a traditional mens umbrella include a pocket or travel umbrella. This is simply a smaller umbrella that, when closed and folded down, can be stored in a bag or large coat pocket. Although the second most popular choice of mens umbrella, they generally lack strength and aren’t as durable as the classic umbrella.

The final option is actually a viable alternative if size is important to you - if so, go for a golf umbrella. Like a traditional mens umbrella, the golf umbrella is simply larger and more robust. Designed for use on the golf course, they can fit snugly into a golf bag but if you’re just looking for a well-crafted and reliable brolly, these can be a great purchase.

In conclusion, mens umbrellas can be considered an elegant addition to any workbag. If you don’t already own one, this is surely one accessory you’ll want to invest in sooner rather than later.

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