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Honeymoon Magic: Picking Your Dream Destination

So the wedding is over and the chaos of the big day has come to an end, now comes the honeymoon. After the hustle and bustle of planning and enjoying your nuptials, finding a destination that caters to your needs as a couple, whether you love relaxing on the beach or taking part in outdoor adventures, can be a tough choice. Here we take a look at some of the best places to enjoy your first weeks as a married couple.

Beach Bums

There are a huge number of beautiful places for a beach-based honeymoon. For those looking for a tropical paradise, destinations in the Carribean have incredible scenery and stunning azure waters, perfect for capturing that dream picture-postcard moment. The Maldives are another popular choice for beach lovers who want a relaxing getaway with maximum romantic value. Equally, Mexico offers fantastic beaches with an added mix of Latin culture, great for lovers of music and food who love a fiesta. For those on a smaller budget, some excellent European destinations for beach honeymoons include Greece, Italy and Spain, all gorgeous locations a little closer to home.

Adrenaline Junkies

If you and your other half want a little more adventure on your honeymoon there are many places you can get some action. New Zealand offers fantastic scenery as well as outdoor activities like bungee jumping and mountain climbing as well as river-based pursuits like white water rafting and kayaking. Perhaps you’d like a newlywed road trip across the USA? This is a great idea for those wanting to immerse themselves in their own romantic adventure movie. Glamping is also becoming a popular choice for couples who like the idea of simplicity while not getting too dirty, leaving them to enjoy getting back to nature together.

Cool Cats

If you’re keen on skiing or snowboarding or love the idea of curling up with your partner in front of a roaring fire in a snow-covered log cabin, there are a huge number of places to choose from. Europe has a host of destinations including France, Switzerland and Austria, all perfect for the sporty couple. Or perhaps bathing in the hot springs of Reykjavic watching the Northern Lights sounds like the ideal winter warmer? For those wanting to go further afield, Canada offers the great sports and scenery, and who wouldn’t want endless maple syrup pancakes all holiday?!

Culture Vultures

Do you and your partner crave a more immersive honeymoon experience? If you are looking to drift away and discover whole new traditions and ways of life, India offers a mixture of ancient tradition and modern vibrancy. With magnificent sights and incredible food, the atmosphere of places such as New Delhi and Mumbai will not be forgotten. Africa is becoming a more popular destination for couples who want an experience that will change their lives too; whether it be from the excitement of a safari in Tanzania to the rich and energetic culture of Cape Town, South Africa.

Picking a honeymoon destination should be a fun process as you both decide what it is you really want from your time together. Whether you choose to ride elephants in Thailand or surf the waves in Australia, your honeymoon is the perfect chance to revel in your love and make your first great memories as a married couple.

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