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The hot new wedding trend of tattoos

Wedding trends come and go, and every year there is a new hot wedding trend for the special day. In the newest trend, a French company has discovered a market for having temporary white tattoos for brides on their wedding day.

Marie-Charlotte, a member of the company, said: “The company is inspired by the Amerindian tribe who used to paint their body for celebrations.

We work with artists such as painters, graphic designers and illustrators to create original, feminine and elegant creations that women wear directly on their skin. [..] Once the ink is placed on the skin, it lasts between 2 and 5 days.”

Due to the different trends in weddings, some of which are quite unconventional, having a temporary tattoo as decoration is definitely something different, and adds a bit of elegance. A temporary tattoo is a good way to express yourself, and there are no disadvantages like with a permanent tattoo.

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