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The hottest wedding trends predicted for 2017

Wedding season is nearly here, and we are expecting to see some fantastic themes and new twists on traditional wedding ideas. Every year, the experts who study and work within the industry give some insight into the trends they predict for the coming year, and we have to say that this year has some really fun and interesting trends. We might even see some wedding umbrellas in the mix too!

Take a look below at some of the hottest wedding trends predicted for 2017:

Opulent simplicity

Couples are wanting something warm and inviting, yet also elegant and impressive. There seems to be a rise in floral motifs, with lots of texture and varied views from every angle so that each guest can take away something different, especially from the centrepiece. Couples are wanting to achieve a balance of delight across all the five senses.

Reduced carbon footprint

Reducing the carbon footprint and having a more sustainable wedding ceremony is on trend for this year. From food to the flowers, couples are opting for in-season and locally sourced. You can also go earth-friendly with the invitations by using soy-based inks on recycled paper. For place cards, engrave people’s names onto stones which can then be kept as favours.

Hollywood influence

Hollywood and movies have long influenced weddings, and that doesn’t look like it will change this year either. Wedding themes come from all sorts of films, such as Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast and even the hit TV show Game of Thrones. The influence from these films can be seen in the decoration, the bride’s and bridesmaid dresses, groom’s and groomsmen's suits and even the food being served – “try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!”

Ice-breaker games

Weddings are becoming an all-weekend affair, and it is essential for the guests to get to know one-another when the celebration keeps on going. Brides and grooms can make this happen by mixing up guests and getting them playing games. Try games like ‘Truth Truth Lie’ where guests have to say two truths, and one lie (or vice versa) about themselves and others have to guess which is which. Lots of laughter is sure to follow!

Extraordinary entertainment

Couples want to make their wedding celebration a memorable day, both for themselves and for their guests, so by pulling out all the stops for the entertainment means the day will be one never to forget. Some ideas can be acrobats, caricaturists, flash mobs or dancers. If that is too much, just make sure the live band or DJ you have will bring some flash to the wedding party.

Make it natural

If you can’t have your wedding celebration outdoors under the stars, bring the outside in with your decoration. Add oversized potted trees, use natural wood and stone elements in the table settings, and put up hanging flowers to make the dance floor feel more natural. If you have a grand space for your wedding, these natural decorations create an instant wow factor.

Metallic dresses

Getting the dresses right for the bride and bridesmaid is very important, and one of the hottest dress trends for weddings this year is metallic. Wearing a metallic dress adds a classy touch of sophistication, and generates an ethereal vibe. Go for some flowing fabrics, put on some floral embellishments and make your trip down the aisle feel like you are putting on the best show at a catwalk.

Formal portraits

This a twist on the ever-popular photo booth – formal portraits. Have a designated space and a few props but instead of being silly and wearing oversized sunglasses, the photographer asks you to pose elegantly for the camera. The result is a glamorous portrait of you in your best attire, and a wonderful keepsake for you.

Food trucks instead of sit-down meals

Getting a menu which can cater to every guests’ dietary requirements is becoming more and more difficult. So, a simpler option which everyone can enjoy is getting in some food trucks or multicourse meals. This means that the variety of the food being served is much greater and there is more likely to be something for everyone. Incorporate into this a cocktail hour to get the party started!

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