If you’re a keen golfer and get out on the course most weekends, you’ll know that the typical British weather can throw up some pretty changeable conditions.

To be prepared for this, you’ll need a sturdy and reliable golf umbrella to protect you from the elements - but how do you choose the right golf umbrella for you and your requirements? Jolly Brolly have the answers!

There are some basic features you’ll want your golf umbrella to provide. By design, this type of umbrella is larger in size than most and will have been specifically tested in high winds to ensure they can stand up to unfavourable weather conditions. When you select your brolly, go for a wide canopy as the bigger the better in this case.

When you get your golf umbrella out on the course, you’ll want to be sure it can handle strong winds and heavy rain - with that in mind, go for an umbrella that is windproof up to a good wind speed, around 55 mph should be plenty.

Traditionally, umbrella shafts have been made of metal for their core strength and stability, but in recent times plastic shafts have grown in popularity. Golf umbrellas with metal shafts are usually quite heavy and pose a lightning hazard also.

With that in mind, we suggest you go for a hybrid fibre shaft as these are not only lighter in weight, but also safer in stormy weather.

Last but not least we have the vanity elements - colour, design and shape. The number of options available nowadays is huge so there really is something for everyone.

Don’t forget there are also various styles available to suit both men and women, so colour and design can be chosen completely on personal preference. Why not check out our range of affordable golf umbrellas?

Your golf umbrella is potentially one of the most important accessories for any budding golfer, and you’re sure to find it in any professional's’ bag. Don’t get caught out, invest in yours today!