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Wedding Day Make-Up: From Subtle Beach Babe to Exotic Glamourpuss

Choosing the dress, the shoes and the flowers may seem like the tough part – but what about make-up?  Brides can choose a whole range of styles and colours to help accentuate their most beautiful features on their big day.  We’ve decided to discuss two very different make-up looks, one bold and dramatic and one subtle and feminine but both perfect for the wedding day!

Subtle and Feminine

This look is perfect for spring and summer weddings, perhaps with a boho or beach theme, as it is delicate and pretty.  Lauren Curtis, a freelance make-up artist who used to work for MAC talks the blushing bride through how to create this simple look without appearing to be covered in make-up.

The subtle look is created by using a collection of products, all in very natural shades, starting with foundation.  Many people think that caking on layers of foundation will ensure your make-up stays perfect all day, but less is more when you are trying to remain subtle with your style.  Try to avoid foundation which contains SPF factors as these can make your skin appear bright white in flash photos, a definite make-up no-no!

A loose powder and non-creasing concealer helps to accentuate some areas and reduce the appearance of others.  Epic contouring a-la Kylie Jenner is not needed, just a slight highlight on the cheekbones combined with a pale pink blusher works in with the feminine theme.  Eyebrows can be defined, although not too much as this can look strange compared with the faint make-up theme.  Eyes are defined using nude and champagne shades which are blended well to ensure a more natural look and eyeliner should be present at the very lowest part of the eyelid to keep it feminine and light.

This look is topped off with a pink lipstick, a little brighter than you may think for this theme but flash photography can wash out pale lips so it is important to be mindful of pictures!  Lauren’s look is simple, elegant and great for a summery look that doesn’t look like you're trying too hard!

Bold and Dramatic

If you are a looking to create a glamorous Hollywood look, this is the tutorial for you. Glambox TV shows brides how to use contouring techniques and a lot of layers, so any face shape can be accentuated into a gorgeous femme fatale style.

This looks starts by using a foundation lighter than your natural skin tone to highlight the areas of the face that you wish to bring light to. Draw and fill in triangles under the eye and across the chin area, then apply to your t-zone and down to the bottom of your nose. After this, apply a foundation that is a couple of shades darker than your skin colour, which will be the base for your shadows when it comes to blending. Apply this darker shade onto your cheekbones, around the jawline and down either side of your nose.

The next step is to take a blending brush and start mixing the areas you have highlighted with those you have shadowed. It may take some time to get to the smooth finish you wish for, but keep at it and the perfectly contoured face will shine through! Once you have blended the colours, it is very important to set the light and dark parts with a setting powder to ensure that the look lasts all day, from the ceremony to the wedding night!

For the Hollywood glamour look, choose a dark grey and silver mix of eyeshadows for your dramatic finish. Blend into the upper eyelids and apply a little dark eyeshadow to the lower area of the eye as well to create a sultry smoky look. Eyeliner is important for this look – the cat’s eye eyeliner and flick looks wonderful and adds to the freshly contoured feel. Add some thick fake lashes and mascara to really open the eye and create some drama!

This look is good for winter weddings or perhaps a 1920s or Great Gatsby theme, also great for exotic brides who want to catch everyone’s eye at the ceremony and the reception. Additionally, this can be great for ladies who don’t normally wear a great deal of make-up as it will create a memorable look for friends and family who aren’t used to you being all dolled up! It takes a bit more work than most make-up regimes, but the results are so worth it.

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