It can feel demoralising when the sky is grey, especially if you’re a sun-lover. But the weather doesn’t have to take a toll on your moods.

Next time you hear thunder or see the drizzle in the air, why not grab your umbrella and change things around to suit you instead. Here are some ideas.

It’s not just in films and movies that grey days are evocative and enigmatic. If the sky isn’t blue and it’s your day off, why not grab an umbrella, visit a charity shop and pick up a novel you haven’t read before.

It won’t cost much, and you can spend what you saved on a coffee in a stylish coffee shop. Sit by the window as the rain is hammering down. You can get lost in your story while sipping a warm cappuccino. These rainy days have a beauty of their own.

Or why not put on some wet weather gear, wellingtons, a robust umbrella, and go for walk in the storm. It’s bracing to be surrounded by the rain, and if you’re brave, you might even put down your umbrella and feel the drops on your face.

It can be really energising. (Some people like to take off their shoes in the rain and walk in the wet grass, but if you feel that’s going a bit too far, and you’d rather not get your feet wet, you could just stand under a tree for a while and then go home and put the kettle on!)

A final tip for surviving a rainy day, especially if you have a young family who love being out in the sun, is to keep a box or a basket especially for those grey moments, so that it becomes a treat instead.

You could pack in there some sachets of hot chocolate, a board game that’s saved especially, and even a rainy day playlist of songs while you bake and settle down to watch a movie.

So many reasons not to hide away on a rainy day. We hope these have added to your selection. After all, we reckon you can take the good weather with you if you keep a smile on your face.