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How to Vow: Where to Start Writing Your Own Vows

Standing up in front of your friends and family to exchange your vows is the most personal and yet most daunting part of the ceremony for most couples. Making the decision to write your own vows is an opportunity to be unique and romantic, by expressing the way you feel in your own words to your whole community. But where do you start? Jollybrolly has some useful tips…

Why Write Your Own?

There are traditional vows present in most religious denominations which can be used on the big day. Most of these are romantic in their way and help to vocalise the promises made to one another, however a lot of couples love the unique aspect of writing personalised vows. Comprising your own promises which are suited to you as a couple is a great way of expressing your true feelings to each other and helps involve your guests in the proceedings.

The thought of writing down the way you feel to be said in front of dozens of friends and family members can be a frightening prospect, particularly if you have never been good with words. However, there is help at hand and taking a little bit of inspiration from poetry, film and even template vows can help you work out how best to vocalise your feelings.

What Do You Say?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to what to say; you and your partner share a special bond which can be expressed however you want. Some couples have gone viral with their interpretations of vows, with some dancing down the aisle and others rapping their love to one another. If you are less musically inclined and simply want to say what is on your mind, why not sit down with your partner and talk about the moments in your relationship when you were most happy or most sure of your love for one another and work from there?

Couples can write their vows together so they bounce off each other and have a fluid message present in both sets of vows, or they can decide to write them separately and enjoy the element of surprise. There is no competition and one should not feel as though the other’s vows were better, they should be personal in every way, from content to tone. If you are a couple who laughs together and enjoys the same sense of humour, do not be afraid to add some comedy into your vows; include your guests in the joys of your relationship by sharing moments that have made you both smile together.

How Do I Know People Will Like It?

Your guests opinions may matter somewhat, but essentially the moment of exchanging your vows is the opportunity for you to show how you feel to that one person and make promises that will echo through the entirety of your marriage. Having said that, a wedding is the chance to share your love and your relationship, past and present, with those in attendance so too many in-jokes, nicknames or private stories may not engage your guests.

The main point is that you and your partner feel the words that are being spoken and understand the promises you make together as a couple. Jollybrolly had a go at writing their own vows to get you started, let us know what you think!

I promise to be your umbrella,
And shelter us from storms that block our way,
I promise to be your parasol,
And shade you from the heat of a hard day.

I promise that even when the rain falls hard,
We will stay dry,
I promise to love you always
Until the day I die.

Well, you must’ve known it would be umbrella related! Why not get in touch and share your wedding vows to help give others inspiration for their big day?

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