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Humanist weddings overtake religious ceremonies in Scotland

For the first time ever, figures show that more humanist weddings took place within Scotland than religious ceremonies in the last year, with a grand total of 15,583 weddings involving a civil ceremony out of around 30,000 which were conducted in total.


For those who are unaware, a humanist ceremony allows for the happy couple to marry wherever they want, whenever they want and with whomever they wish. It takes out any traditional boundaries and has no set script, meaning that the ceremony is met to the couples exacting desires, you don’t even need the location to have a licence so you can pick any outdoor or indoor location, just ensure that you are prepared for any weather with a trusty white umbrella!

This increase is showing a gradual move away from the traditional religious weddings, after the change in policy was secured back in 2005, Scotland were within the first who permitted humanist weddings in the world, currently there is nowhere else in the UK where a humanist ceremony is recognised by the law and will still have to marry in a registry office a few days before if they wish to have a legally binding wedding commitment.

This policy has also seen a rise in the overall number of weddings in the last ten years, catering to a wider group of people than religious denominations alone.

“The phenomenal rise in humanist ceremonies is being fuelled by the desire of wedding couples for a non-religious ceremony that provides a day reflecting their personalities and can be inclusive of their friends and family,” commented the Humanist Society Scotland’s chief executive Gordon MacRae.

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