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I Shoe: The Consensus When It Comes To Alleviating Wedding Shoe Pain

After a particularly painful pair of feet at a particularly lovely wedding some weeks ago, we began looking around at shoe advice to ease that horrible foot pain borne of uncomfortable – albeit beautiful – shoes. And the following 6 points seem to be the general consensus on the best way to take care of those ten little tootsies at an all-day wedding.

1. Plastic Not-Fantastic

Every author of every post we researched was unanimous in their distaste for plastic or rubber wedding shoes - be they podiatrists or seasoned wedding-goers. Apparently, these types of shoes aren’t breathable which means feet will sweat, cause friction, and provide the perfect blister breeding ground. The hard edges can dig into your feet too so generally speaking, the more natural the material, the better the shoe for an all day-er.

2. If In Doubt, Buy Another Pair

Perhaps not the best piece of advice if you’re on a budget – but a common piece of advice nonetheless. A lot of blogs mentioned this. The advice is to have more than one pair of wedding shoes on the day – you might keep impractical stilettos for the ceremony and photos, then change into some smaller kitten heels for the fun and frivolity of the reception. Apparently the healthiest heel size is between 1 and 2 inches.

3. Wear Them In

It might seem like you’re tempting fate by wearing your wedding shoes around the house but wearing them in is so important to minimise foot pain on the wedding day. Everyone says it!

4. Insoles Are Your Friend

This is another thing almost every blog we read recommends. And with technology improving all the time, we can understand why. You can get toe protectors, heel liners, arch supports, metatarsal pads, strap covers and more – they’ll be a worthwhile investment on the day.

5. Talc Time

It’s time to re-engage with your younger self as talcum powder is a must for shoe comfort on your wedding day. Your feet are likely to get a little sweaty, particularly in non-breathable shoes, and talcum powder can keep everything a little drier and blister free.

6. One For The Road

We found this one a little odd but we liked it. The Wedding Hub of Hello Magazine claims that taping your third and fourth toes together alleviates pain in the ball of your foot from uncomfortable shoes. The science behind it is that there is a pain-causing nerve between these two toes which the tape removes any strain on.

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