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IKEA Adjusts Prices Of Their Umbrellas If It’s Raining

Eagle-eyed customers at IKEA have noticed that the company will drop the prices of their umbrellas when the weather outside is poor. Although this strategy is commonplace around the world, its use is limited in the UK but IKEA appears keen to cash in on the unpredictable British weather.


The brand in question is the Grossby umbrella range, which appears to drop in price from £3.77 to £2.26 when there’s rain overhead. Listed as a ‘rainy day special’, IKEA seems to have their customers covered.

The image that originally highlighted this pricing change failed to mention which specific branch of IKEA was offering the deal, but it seems as though this is a win-win for everyone involved. Ikea sell more brollies and customers get a better deal.

That said, the public appeared to offer a mixed response to the offer, suggesting that although ‘lower prices may tempt customers to buy when they wouldn’t before’, many were confused by the store’s apparent generosity.

Reddit user ‘HighPriestOfShiloh’ wrote: ‘What IKEA is really doing here is marketing rather than pricing to maximise profits on umbrellas - the idea is to get you to ‘like’ IKEA more so you buy more of their stuff.’

A spokesperson for IKEA said: ‘Low price is the cornerstone of the IKEA vision, and we will always remain focused on giving our customers the best value for money. Each IKEA store within the UK and Ireland has the facility to respond to local market needs, which are reflected in local offers decided within each individual store.’

Next time you’re shopping in IKEA, keep an eye out for more daily deals!

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