Question. What day is a good day to buy an umbrella at Ikea? Funnily enough, the correct answer could be, a rainy day! Yes, it sounds unlikely, but did you know that when the rain is pouring, Ikea shoppers can pick up a bargain at some of their stores worldwide, because that’s exactly when they drop their umbrella prices.

It does sound a bit counter-intuitive from a business point of view, but cheap umbrellas during the seasonal showers is definitely a win with Ikea customers. With cheap umbrellas available, there’s almost no reason to leave the store in a storm and get wet on your way to the car.

Of course, the cheap umbrella phenomenon is nothing new. Most chemist shops, supermarket and pound stores offer a range of cut-price umbrellas, and when it’s wet outside and you’ve come out without a coat, picking up a cheap umbrella sounds like a sensible option. It’s often the moment we go for the least offensive design out of the 5 available or make a mental note to do a proper umbrella shop when the need is less urgent. In any case, most of the time, high street umbrella prices are likely to rise in a storm or at least stay the same. Apparently, not at Ikea!

Many people prefer to be prepared, with a decent umbrella that suits their needs and will last a bit longer than a rock-bottom price version bought in a rush. Go to a trusted online store when you think of it, and choose the colour that suits your best outfit, the style that fits your bag and your occasion, the handle that feels most comfortable, and the size you really need. Keep a large umbrella in the car for years, and it’ll protect a whole family if you’re out on a ramble or mid-play on the golf course.

When you’re armed with your favourite quality umbrella, you don’t need to rush around in search of a bargain as soon as the clouds open, and the great news is you won’t be ditching it in a passing bin because the canopy can’t cope with the gustier weather or the spokes get twisted.

Cheap umbrellas are good as far as they go, but if you’re really interested in style and quality, great umbrellas still don’t need to break the bank. We’ve got a few to show you as proof.