They say you’re either a cat person or a dog person. You’ll need a whole other blog post if you are wondering how to involve your cat in your wedding, but for this piece at least, we’ll focus on weddings for dog lovers. Your best four-footed friend can be part of your big day if you take a few necessary precautions, make some good decisions for their welfare, and offset the most likely problems. Here are some examples of how to include your dog in your big day.

We should start by saying that if you in any doubts, then perhaps don’t involve your dog in your wedding day. They won’t mind. They can always join you for the photos, the reception, and even the honeymoon if you like, but the uncertainties of pets at major occasions might mean you decide against having them there for the whole day. And that’s ok.

At the other extreme, your well-behaved and a suitably trained dog could act as a ring bearer, and wander down the aisle with or without bridesmaids and pages alongside. It might be a wonderful memory and a tender moment. However, if you are considering that, check the venue will allow it, and that there aren’t any rules that would make this an issue. We’d also recommend you choose someone responsible (not the bride or groom, as you'll be too busy!) to be the official dog handler for the day. That way you don’t have to think about their welfare - their needs, any mishaps, their whereabouts, and so on.

Is your dog likely to cause a problem for guests? Your dog may be a member of your family, but remember some guests are afraid of dogs, others might be allergic, and if yours is particularly yappy, or big, or unpredictable, some children and nervous friends might feel easier without your dog at the wedding.

Having the dog available for the wedding photos is a very simple idea in theory, but ensure your photographer is on board. If it’s a rainy day and there’s any chance your canine friend might jump in a large puddle before running through the crowd wagging their tail and showering the invited crowds with muddy water, it’s either going to be an iconic moment captured for posterity, or else it's just going to ruin your photos.

Your dog shares your life with you, so of course, you want him or her to be part of the celebrations. Just make sure you take precautions to include them in the right way, to keep it simple and stressfree.