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Innovative design makes soggy umbrellas a thing of the past

They’re the best accessory to have when a sudden downpour strikes, which realistically can be anytime here in the UK, but one problem always arises… What to do with a soggy umbrella?

After you go through the sometimes tedious task of opening and closing your umbrella, you are left with a soaking wet umbrella. That could be thing of the past with the innovative new RainBender design where instead of the canopy folding down in the traditional way, this canopy vanishes inside its own handle!

This new design replaces the rigid canopy frame of traditional umbrellas with flexible ribs attached to central pole. This pole sits inside of a lightweight carbon fibre cylinder that forms a thicker than usual handle. Instead of folding, sliding a ring down pulls the canopy inside the cylinder, which becomes a container for the water that would normally be leaking out on to the floor of your office, home, restaurant or even in the face of an unsuspecting passer-by as you shake that brolly off! Once you are in a suitable area the RainBender cylinder can be emptied of the residual water and your umbrella can be opened up to dry.

You can see the umbrella in action here.

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Photo by: B_Me


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