Yes OK, Christmas has come and gone, and sure, you’ve put on those extra party-food pounds. Who hasn't?

And all those new year’s resolutions are nagging at you from that list in your diary, like unfinished homework in the holidays. But hey, January is no reason to despair. When you think about it, this month is just the BEST month in so many ways.

Not convinced? Well, here are some reasons we love January.

Here we go - and it's okay if you need to start by taking a few paracetamol... we can wait...

So first off, just think of all those wonderful Christmas memories you’ve just made! There’s was that moment at the work’s party… And what about that perfect present you gave to that child... And the photo with your long-lost friend who got in touch from out of the blue. Oh, and that Christmas movie you watch every year in December. So many beautiful Christmas memories that make it all worthwhile make January the perfect month for reminiscing.

Or what about this? January is the best month of the year for trying out all those handy gifts you got, to enhance your life in 2018. Before Christmas, you didn’t have these gloves, and now - here they are. You're set for the icy temperatures. Before the festive season, what would you have done in a sudden rainstorm like the one outside right now? That's right. January's the perfect weather to get that brand new umbrella of yours up and running, and keep it glued to your side at all times! What's that, You’d rather it was a surfboard instead?

Well here’s one that everyone loves. January is a time for new beginnings. If you’re not really a Christmas person, well, cheer up because you don’t have to do it for another 12 months! And if 2017 as a whole didn’t do it for you, the good news is, that’s over too, nevermore to be repeated. In fact, whatever you need to leave behind from the past, January says - I agree. It’s gone. Let’s never speak about it again.

If you really love the idea of a brand new slate, bear in mind that January could be an excellent dress rehearsal for a brand new February, and maybe again in March. Let’s hear it for January. Hands down, the best month of the whole year, especially for your umbrella.