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Japan’s umbrella-toting cyclists told its ‘one or the other’

Police have been cracking down on the scores of cyclists who are holding an umbrella while riding, and they are being told, for safety reasons, that it is ‘one or the other’.

A Japanese man in Osaka cycling while using an umbrella similar in style to Jollybrolly’s options.

Under the new revised laws, holding an umbrella while hitting the road on one’s bike can be considered as dangerous riding. Any people, aged 14 years and older who are caught sheltering from the wet weather using an umbrella, combined with riding their bike, twice in three years must attend a three-hour safety lecture.

As a result, certain areas of Osaka have seen the number of inquiries in regard to rain ponchos was said to be 1.6 times greater during June than in the same month in 2014, and what’s more, the figure then more than doubled in July of this year.

Should you be in the market for yellow umbrellas to brighten up a rainy day, or any other colour for that matter, Jollybrolly have a wonderful range for you to choose from. However, we would advise that you don’t cycle and brolly at the same time, regardless of the country you are in as it’s not so safe!


Image: Akuppa John Wigham under Creative Commons.

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