Here at JollyBrolly, we have a passion for umbrellas but we also have a passion for getting involved with charities that help a very worthy cause.

We were contacted a while back by the Stretton-Downes Brothers, David and Jonathan who are Fraternal twins and one of them is to go for his 6th open heart surgery this following year.

They aim to raise awareness of their brand 'Six Times Open' and also a massive £100k for the British Heart Foundation

Their main campaign messages are to change the public's perception of stereotypes of people with heart conditions, show that long-term health conditions don't have to dictate your life and also that personal attitude and outlooks can change situations into positivity, which will encourage others to do the same.

After hearing the brothers story we were more than happy to help with their latest stunt which occurred in March where 6 people from the charity shaved their heads to spread awareness, part of the PR stunt was to include a flash mob where 150 dancers will be performing to the crowds and they wanted to use umbrellas for effect. We were more than happy to send them over 30 of our JollyBrolly red umbrellas to help.

JollyBrolly, along with many other partners, are very proud to be part of such an amazing campaign. Their first event which took place in Piccadilly Circus attracted a gathering of hundreds of spectators. In order to see the event and our wonderful umbrellas in action, you are able to watch the spectacle here:

We hope that the next forthcoming events are just as successful and that the awareness for such a worthy campaign keeps on spreading. For more information head on over to the boys' website: