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How To Keep Your Kids Entertained Over The Christmas Break

Christmas Holiday? Kids at home? No problem. You've got this. Here’s what you do.

First of all, there are lots of kids' activities and fun things to do that centre around a Christmas Tree. So get them all excited by the prospect. After all, it’s the place where all those presents will be lying on the special morning, and it's the location of the chocolates hanging there that you might let them secretly eat - one a day during advent if they’re really good.

Kids love making things. How about tree decorations, or biscuits as tree ornaments. Find a traditional recipe for gingerbread, and let them make their own Christmas figures, decorated with sweets and icing.

Take them shopping to find some beautiful ornaments to hang, but then also take them to the woods to discover natural beauties such as pine cones and seeds and bark and twigs, and using twine and glue and metallic spray encourage your kids to experiment with making their own tree decorations. If they're really good, they might try selling them to family and friends.

Christmas cracker-making is a hands on exercise that also allows each person to come up with their own joke or greeting. Those crackers can go on the tree as well. You might find some hidden talents in their humorous suggestions. (Probably best to veto what they write ahead of time before Grandma reads the joke though!)

When you’ve finished the decorations, why not make a special occasion of lighting the finished tree. And if there are still a few weeks to go until Christmas, create a timetable of Christmas movies you plan to watch with your kids on specific Christmas movie nights in the sparkling lights.

On those evenings, you could even plan an activity beforehand so that snuggling together for the movie becomes the well-earned rest after a lot of physical activity.

How about a day out with friends in town, visiting an exhibition or trying something fun and new at the leisure centre - trampolining, roller skating, badminton, or maybe a pool with water slides. If you have an ice rink near you, some skating lessons could be a perfect Christmas holiday project. And then getting back for the big film.

Or how about turning the tables on the Christmas movie, and asking your tech-savvy children to help you make a short Christmas movie of your own. You’ll be surprised how good they are at this from learning editing skills at school. Just manage their expectations and ask them for something just a few minutes long to show your guests on Christmas Day.

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