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How to Keep The Kids Entertained This Winter

Winter is still here. As any parent knows, the weather is grey and cold so how can you keep the kids entertained before the spring sunshine finally appears.

That initial adrenaline rush of an excitable houseful during the Christmas period turns into the normality of routines and normal life again. And while the cold winter is still here with us, you’re faced with the task of keeping everyone happy and motivated. But don’t panic, we're here to help. Here’s a list of ideas to pick from.

Right, so if you had the foresight to invest in some colour-coded kids umbrellas for their extra Christmas gift, now is the time to use them. A grey and dismal winters day is the main reason you should choose brightly coloured kids' umbrellas in a different colour for each child. For one thing, they’ll love the chance to go outside and try them. But beyond that, the photo opportunities of red and blue and yellow umbrellas on a grey day are excellent, whether you’re on the beach, in the fields, in the garden, at the park. Just a creative thought.

Or what about this idea, which involves soup and prizes. Soup is always delicious, and whatever combinations of vegetables you use, it's going to turn out well and fill their hungry tummies too. So how about a session of vegetable preparation around the kitchen table - learning about the ingredients, and how to safely chop and cook. And then, what about the twist of allowing each child to create their own combination of ingredients and name their own soup, ready for a blind tasting session with other family members. Who invented this week’s Super Soup?

Now, if it’s so cold and miserable that no one feels like going out or doing much, there’s a big temptation to resort to a screen - and that’s okay. You could choose a classic film from your own childhood to add an educational and family-bonding aspect to the popcorn and blankets session. But if you want to avoid TV altogether, how about stocking up on board games from a local charity shop. You could even mix up the boards and counters to create your own brand new board games with homemade rules. The time will just fly by.

Finally, an idea that could be done on the big screen or the small screen. Use a rainy day to sort your images on your computer, phone or device, so that they have good names and file organisation for when you need them. Flick back through the photos together, displaying them on your TV, and let your kids impress you with their sorting, labelling and technology skills. A chore could become another memorable moment.

So, there you have it! Some quick and easy ideas to see the winters day away as hopefully it won't be too soon before the sun is out and the park beckons.

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