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Want To Keep Wedding Flowers Fresh All Day? Here's How!

Fresh flowers are beautiful to look at and so important for the wedding photos. It’s not just the photos of course. The guests on the day will really notice if your floral arrangements are just past their prime. So how can you do your best to make sure your wedding flowers keep their beauty long enough for you to get through your big day with floral perfection? Here are some tips.

This first one is obvious, but easy to overlook if you’re in a rush with other things and not used to working with fresh flowers. They need water. Water is really important for cut flowers, and if they don’t have enough you’ll see the evidence within an hour or two. You really don’t want your wedding flowers getting thirsty, so make sure they are standing in water and hydrated the whole time with a big enough reservoir to keep them topped up, not just through the ceremony, but a day or two in advance if you’ve done the arrangements ahead of time. Check whenever you can, to see they haven’t dried out.

Keeping flowers in the dark beforehand is a good way to keep them looking fresh. Sunlight before the day can bring them into bloom too soon. A cool environment is also really important to stop them wilting. Keep your flowers away from drafts too, as they’ll take a toll.

Make sure the flowers aren’t done too far in advance. Professional florists will know exactly how long they can leave it to be on the safe side, but if you’re arranging the flowers yourself, remember that it won’t work to do this a week before the wedding. Ideally, you’ll want someone who can focus solely on the flowers, arranging them in place the night before, and keeping a careful eye on them throughout the time when all the other wedding plans are full speed ahead.

If you’re designing your own floral display and you’ve never done it before, it’s important to get the advice you need to make sure you’re using the right containers and materials to keep your flowers in tip top condition. And if in doubt, get the professionals in.

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