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Interview With a Bride: The Modern Wedding - Too Much Hassle & Not Enough Happy

For many couples, in particular the bride, the wedding day is the most important day ofr their lives. The reasons for its importance are interchangable depending on the couple. For instance, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s $30million wedding was criticised for being less about love and more about status. We interviewed Anna, a blushing bride-to-be, about the ups and downs of planning a wedding and, more importantly, being married.

Anna, what made you want to get married?

Well, he asked! I have been dreaming about meeting Mr Right since I was a little girl, so I am rather stereotypical when it comes to romance. Meeting the man I love, Richard, was the most incredible moment of my life and being married to him and sharing a life with him makes me very excited. I was not expecting to be proposed too, although we had spoken about it in ths past, so when he asked I was shocked but also incredibly happy.

What style/theme is your wedding?

Richard and I always wanted a spring wedding as it is our favourite time of the year so we are planning to be married in April 2015. We are both quite traditional so will have the ceremony in a church followed by an outdoor reception. Due to the time of year, we would like to have a theme of rebirth and a fresh start together. We want to use seasonal flowers and bright spring colours which conveys our attitude to each other and our future life together.

What worries you about the wedding?

Money is a huge factor for us. We are reluctant to break the bank on just one day so are looking for ways to keep things cheap. We like the idea of making our own centrepieces for the outdoor tables, as well as hand-writing place cards and creating decorations from things we already own, not just for the price aspect but also to create something a little more personal and memorable. A lot of couples I know put all their savings into their big day, going into it with the higest of expectations only to be let down by small, unimportant things. At least, they were unimportant to us. We aren’t bothered if the bouquets are colour-coordinated or that the dress is by a top designer, we are more concerned with being happy and having a great day.

What is your opinion on the Kim/Kanye wedding debacle?

I think they are perfect for each other, not least because they seem to have the same inflated sense of self-worth. Although saying that I think it is easy to judge someone else’s wedding as over-extravagant or a waste of money, but if you DO have it to spend then why not? I think she looked amazing in her dress and he, for a change, looked fairly understated, but I do wonder whether they are truly in love or whether they love the idea of each other more. I think a lot of young girls dream of a wedding like that and look to Kim and Kanye as a role model couple, however growing up to believe that the cost of your wedding direcly correlates with how much you love each other is dangerous and it brings materialisation into love, which is not what it’s about.

What does marriage mean to you and do you think weddings are a good indication of a couple’s potential future?

To Richard and I, marriage is the opportunity to give your whole self to someone else and be totally and utterly excited about it. Some people get married because it is expected of them and plan their wedding down to the most minute detail, others fall in love in five minutes and elope in a slap-dash way with no guests. We hope to be somewhere in the middle; I think people who plan every single thing so furiously will often find it hard to just let go and enjoy being in love, and those who rush into it may not last when reality sinks in. However, we will plan as much as feels right and the rest will be up to fate. We are planning an outdoor reception in British springtime! If it rains, it will most probably pour – but hey, that’s life and as long as we are under the same umbrella, we’ll be ok.

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