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Key Features Every Umbrella Should Have

If you only buy one umbrella this season, then you want to make sure it has all the key features you need for every day use.

You want an umbrella that’s the right size, to start with. If you have a favourite handbag, get an umbrella that’s compact enough to fold up and hide safely away until the moment it’s needed. Otherwise you’ll end up taking it out all the time to make space for other stuff, and that means you probably won’t have it ready on that day when the rain comes out of nowhere.

Umbrellas are made in all shapes and sizes and styles so with a bit of research you’re sure to find the one you need for your bag. Have a look through our product pages.

It’s worth getting a reasonably priced one if you’re looking to use it again and again. Cheap ones are great if you just need something to tide you over on the journey from the shops to the bus, but you wouldn’t just choose any old pair of shoes if you wanted them to last, and you wouldn't just choose any old colour.

Pick a decent umbrella in a colour you love, not just just any one with any old slogan or pattern. Better quality umbrellas are stronger, longer lasting and will last well beyond this year’s autumnal showers.

If you’re looking for a telescopic umbrella, you’ll come across a few that have numerous hinges to make it even smaller, but our advice would be that fewer mechanisms and a simpler construction is going to be a better bet.

Two sections is all you need to get a conveniently small and portable umbrella, for work or play. The tiniest umbrella might look tempting, but its unlikely to stand up to a storm and you're better off keeping your fingers safe.

Some umbrellas come with vents, which is particularly good when you’re trying to avoid getting carried down the stream in a particularly big gust of wind.

The breeze passes through, and stops the whole umbrella from turning inside-out which is perfect when you’re trying so hard to protect your hair and outfit.It’s a simple feature but invaluable if you want an umbrella to cover all eventualities.

Finally, if you have to go to formal events on a regular basis, than one all over colour makes a stronger statement than a pattern that can easily fall out of fashion. A black umbrella is a good all round bet.

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