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How To Be The Most Kickass Bridesmaid Ever - 6 Essentials Every Bridesmaid Needs!

Future Bridesmaids Listen up! We all are aware of what an honour is it to be asked to be a bridesmaid, but with being a bridesmaid it isn't just all about getting the wear the pretty dress and to be in the pictures it holds a lot of responsibilities and with that it can be quite a stressful job. You want to be the best bridesmaid you can be but also to ensure that the wedding day itself goes without a hitch, from pink umbrellas to touch up make-up and tissues!

So how do you do that? The first thing you should get down is to have these bridesmaid essentials with you as you just having one of these on you could end up saving the whole day!


Tissues are a vital necessity for any wedding day, emotions will be all over the place, tears of joy are most likely be the reason for any watery eyes in the house. Having some tissues on hand is key just in case the bride gets a bit to overwhelmed just before heading into the ceremony.


Being a part of a wedding is big business as at the end of the day all eyes will be on you! From walking down the aisle with the bride to the official photographs it's always to ensure you are looking your best. Having a little hairspray on hand is a great way to ensure any of those flyaway hairs stay in place before the photoshoot as remember these photos will be looked back on for years to come.

Comfy Shoes / Flip flops 

You may be wearing some killer heels during the wedding which is great but just remember how long you will be wearing these shoes for. By the time the reception has come round your feet may possibly be hurting a little too much. Bring along some spare shoes flip flops being a great choice as they are flat and easy to change into, if you're wearing a long dress then that's even better as your feet will still be covered so they don't even have to match!

Phone charger

A vital necessity for everyone in everyday life let alone at a wedding. Being a bridesmaid you will be the closest to the bride for the whole day, this is the biggest and best of her life why being able to snap a few pictures on your phones will be a great keepsake for all the bridesmaids, Everyone always remembers their phone but never the charger so having one to hand will be must appreciated by all.


If you have a travel sized bottle of the perfume you are wearing for the wedding then be sure to bring it along. Although perfume does last a good amount of hours it's always nice to top it up during the day especially when it comes to the evening. The scent is also something that can hold memories. If your perfume of choice is for the wedding specifically then whenever you wear it again it will take you back to that awesome day you got to be a part of .

Makeup bag

Before the actual wedding ceremony, it's more than likely you will get your makeup done professionally or by someone else. Although this means it will probably last a lot longer than normal it still may not last the whole duration of the day and night. Get a small makeup bag and fill it with the essentials that you are able to top up throughout the day as you want to make sure your makeup is on point for all the photos you will be in.

Image: Nick Nguyen under Creative Commons

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