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How to Keep Kids Entertained at Your Wedding

Deciding whether to invite children to your wedding is often a tough choice. If you have decided to chance it and invite the little ones to enjoy your special day with you then the next burden is to find things to entertain them with so they don't get bored, drive their parents wild or worse, run completely riot! Here are some top tips to help you control and keep the little ones happy, making life a lot easier on the best day of your life!

Outdoor Game

If you're having a summer wedding and your venue has a garden or decent outdoor space why not provide some old school alfresco games (weather permitting obviously)? Lawn games such as hopscotch, bowls, twister, giant jenga and connect 4 will keep them occupied for hours; also a garden itself is a great shout for them to enjoy a game of hide and seek or just to run around and be kids!

Rainy Day

Weather not on your side? Setting up an area with board games or jigsaws could be the answer, Retro favourites such as Guess who, Monopoly and Operation would not only keep the kids quiet but even the adults might want a go as well! Remember to provide some cheap golf umbrellas in case parents have to take their kids away if they are having a tantrum.

Arts and Crafts Table

Kids love to get crafty, so why not create a mini area with pots of crayons, craft supplies, stickers, playdough? Anything creative will do the trick here as you can even go down wedding themes crafts such a decorating fairy cakes, designing wedding dresses or making cards for the bride and groom.

A Movie Room

Keep the kids happy and quiet with an area set up for movies. Add comfy pillows, cushions, beanbags and pop on popular kids movies that will be sure to keep them calm! You could even provide them with mini bags of popcorn. This would also be a great idea for later in the day, or the evening before bedtime, and the adults' party really gets started!

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