Ahhh the school run. It’s all fun and games when the weather is warm and children are all excited about school. Fast forward to the dark rainy days of winter and it’s a different story… While we can’t stop the rain, we have some ideas that may help make that school run a little bit more fun and dry. Kids umbrellas, wellies and raincoats have come a long way from being a boring necessity. Now every kid wants a colourful kids umbrella and a funky pair of wellies.



What’s a parent to do when their child’s moaning about going to school in the rain? Enter the… Kids Umbrella! Small, a perfect fit for kids’ hands and usually in a fun dome-shape, it protects against the rain and cuts out the wind. These days kids umbrellas come in colourful animal, princess or superhero designs… the choices are endless! All you need to do is find one that reflects your kid’s personality the most.


Match your kids umbrella with an awesome pair of wellies and you’ll have the most stylish little one on a rainy day! Wellies come in a great selection of designs and colours but we all know above all they have to be waterproof and comfortable. Some wellies come with a fleece lining that will keep kids feet dry and stop the moans that their feet are getting soggy. Your kids will swap tantrums to begging to go out into the rain if they love their rain outfit!


Got a kid who hates wearing a coat? We hear ya. Save the morning run tantrums with this cool Lady Bird or Bee Poncho. Made from a soft waterproof material, featuring a fun design and is easy to store in kids backpack. It’s great for coaxing kids to put on a coat. Throw in the easy to fasten poppers and you’ve got a great raincoat alternative right there.


For torrential downpours, don’t forget the accessories!  Outfit your kids in some slick pieces to brave the elements for outdoor playdates.  While most rain coats will have a hood, extreme conditions call for reinforcements. Hats with wider brim that keeps rain off the face and rain mittens keep your precious child's hands protected while scootering in the elements.