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Ladies Spring Wardrobe Essentials For 2018

It’s that time of year when the season is changing from dull winter days to brighter spring mornings. That means it’s the perfect moment to refresh your look. Ditch the Christmas jumper and instead try out some light long sleeved tops as we look forward to the summer sun. It's still a good few months away, but as the temperature starts to rise you can make the most of colours and textures that will make your new spring wardrobe a real rejuvenator.

The great news is that you only need some key basic elements to bring your whole style together. Those essential items will give you the confidence you need to move your look from winter into spring. Let’s get started.

Layers are a sensible solution this time of year. Go for a base layer of a crisp white top with tiny straps and a simple pencil skirt or your favourite brand of jeans. Then you can mix it up a bit with matching sandals and bag, or dress it down with some lace-up canvas shoes. Simple.

Denim is a great springtime essential, and with a denim jacket, you can repurpose many of your summertime essentials for a warmer Easter look. A leather jacket has the same flexibility, but for the spring, choose a more feminine colour like cool pink, and team this with contrasting shades of statement jewellery and accessories.

A flattering little black dress is always a useful wardrobe staple, and in the spring you can upgrade this from your winter look by switching in some lighter coloured heels and a wraparound coat. That will work inject some subtle sunshine into formal occasion or an evening do.

Nothing says springtime quite like pastel colours, so even if you wouldn’t normally go there, try out some icy shades of soft grey, frosted pink and duck egg blue, with touches of sparkle for emphasis. Oversized sunglasses can be a good way to go for a splash of colour or to link in with your favourite shoes.

Alternatively, Spring 2018 could be the moment to break out into vivid shades of orange and pink in bold print, with fitting, flirty dresses. Have fun with your clothing choices. The look and feel of your springtime wardrobe have to be light and optimistic. Dress for comfort and to bring a spring to your step, and you’ll be ready for anything.

And of course, with spring showers always a possibility, get yourself just the right shade of folding ladies umbrella to keep handy, and you’ll be looking just as good on the wetter days as the brighter ones!

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