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Look at these beautiful photos of umbrellas

We have scoured Instagram for some truly beautiful pictures of umbrellas, from colourful art pieces to precious moments captured forever, they are all beautiful umbrella moments. Have a look at the photos below to bring a little bit of happiness to your day, who knows, it may even inspire you to pick up one of our bubble umbrellas and a camera and set off to capture your own one of a kind moment!


This beautiful photo shows us the lush green landscape of Sri Lanka. Can you spot the villagers that are seen protecting themselves with umbrellas from the scorching midday sun?













This photo taken in the Dubai Mall shows a seemingly endless roof of umbrellas stretching off into the distance. This installation uses a variety of colours and patterns to create a burst of colour in Dubai’s famous shopping area.















This image really captures the heat that pilgrims encounter in Saudi Arabia’s Mecca. Located in the same place as the world’s biggest umbrella, these smaller umbrellas have fans and mist jets attached to cool down worshippers.
















With a little help from Photoshop this photo is a sight to behold; the lush waterfall has a beautiful rainbow running through the middle of it, with a lone admirer with a matching rainbow umbrella taking in the view.
















From the same photographer we have this snowy photo. This beautifully composed image uses the white snowy landscape to show off the colour palate of the umbrella, bring some much needed colour to this one tone landscape.
















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Photo by: leonorachristinaskov/Instagram

Photo by: gioiacologne/Instagram

Photo by: soniakhalidl0v/Instagram

Photo by: Nois7/Instagram

Photo by: Nois7/Instagram

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