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Look Out Ladies, There’s A New Umbrella On The Block

Are you fed up with leaving your brolly behind? So was the founder of Kisha - the smart umbrella which you can't lose!

Marija Butkovic came from a town in Croatia that has very rainy and windy winters where umbrellas were always getting lost or broken. It seemed to be a regular occurrence so she decided to make a smart umbrella to ensure she never gets soaked again.

Not only will the Kisha umbrella alert you if you leave it behind (where it has an inbuilt tracking beacon which you are able to pair with your phone). The Kisha smartphone app also delivers weather forecasts to warn you if you'll need your brolly so there is no doubt you will have it on you when you need it.

If there are places where you don't want to be notified such as walking around your home or office you can easily mute them or just expand your Kisha’s tracking radius.

The Kisha was launched back in December 2014, having raised just a handful of private investors, but sold out of her initial 1,000 units within just 3 months.

Since then she has since sold over 10,000 more umbrellas, shipping all over the world to rainy countries from Bermuda and New Zealand with popular customer hubs including New York and Seattle too.

They originally thought their main customers would be tech-savvy millennials but found out that 30% of their customers turned out to be business people between the ages of 45 and 55 who travel a lot so can afford a much higher quality umbrella.

Kisha umbrellas are pricey, that's no secret and will cost you £90 (that's around five times more than you would normally spend). However as the adage goes: buy cheap, buy twice - or if you're particular forgetful maybe four or five.

However, Kisha is just one of Butkovic’s businesses.

In addition to her work in digital marketing, she has also founded and is the CEO of Women of Wearables (WoW), a growing global community of over 8,000 women working in wearable technology.

The entrepreneur started WoW in London in 2016, after facing a frustrating lack of female networking opportunities with Kisha. Funded by sponsors and partners, the organisation now hosts events in cities ranging from New York to Berlin. It publishes inspiring founders stories online and may even run a business accelerator in 2019.

Today’s wearable technology is very male-dominated - the first apple watch didn't have a single feature that would be addressing women's needs.

So what does the future look like.

It’s an advocate for women in tech that Butkovic is using Women of Wearable to call out sexist oversights within the industry.

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