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Picture Perfect: How to Get the Most Breathaking Wedding Photos

What is the best way to encapsulate all the emotions of your wedding day to keep forever? Of course, the photographs!  This week we discuss a few of our top tips, with a little help from, so you can be sure to look your best and get the most breathtaking shots for your collection.

Before the Big Day

You may know exactly what style of wedding photo you want, but there are some couples who remain unsure of the many aspects of wedding photography.  There are a few tips brides can take heed of before the big day in order to ensure they are fully prepared their end in terms of hair and make-up and smiling techniques.  Some pre-wedding day tips are:

Smiling Time!
It might sound a little silly but practicing your smile before the big day is a good idea.  Although you want it to look realistic and not forced, you also want to be sure that you’re showing yourself off in the best light. suggests checking out some celebrities for inspiration and practicing a few of their red carpet smiling poses to make sure you look comfortable and happy.

Hair, Make-Up and Teeth.
This is the holy trinity of wedding photography; having your teeth whitened before the wedding is a must if you want to add some shine to your smile.  Hair and make-up should be given a trial run before the big day to ensure there will be no mishaps.  Some make-up styles work better with photography so check with your stylist and make sure they use a foundation or highlighter that will not show up under the flash of a camera!  Hair should also be trialled and tested under the wind just in case the weather decides not to hold out for you.

Keep Your Brolly Handy. This is one we know all about! The last thing a bride needs is the heavens to open and rain down upon her, making hair limp and make-up run. Having brollies handy for everyone appearing in the photographs will help maintain the look even if the weather tries to stop it.  Make sure to team the colour of the brollies with your bridesmaid dresses or flowers just in case you need to include them in the shot.

Location, Location, Location.
Your wedding venue will probably have set areas where couples like to have their photos taken, but try to look around and find something a bit more unusual to create a more memorable picture.  Large country houses may have gorgeous trees or flowers to use as a backdrop, rather than the typical stone staircase entrance photo.  The grounds of many wedding venues provide lots of lovely little spots for a candid camera shot too so there is no reason to stick with the norm. Create your own photo opportunity. 

On the Big Day

The big day has arrived and you may think you’re prepared, but as with any wedding there are a few things that will be beyond your control.  Your pose however, needn't be one of them. Here are a few things to remember on the big day when the camera is on you:

Big Movements.  Although couples do not want to appear fake, it is possible to create more exaggerated movements which capture well on film.  Laughter looks great on camera so throw your head back and give it your full effort, knowing that it will create a great photo.  Your emotions are also important to capture so don’t hide away the tears of joy, let them be a part of the memory.

Enjoy The Chemistry.  It is your day as a couple and it is so important to make sure the chemistry between you is captured and remembered forever.  Get close in photos and do not be afraid of showing a few public displays of affection, it is a wedding after all and the guests will expect a few soppy looks and passionate kisses.  These are your photos and you will want to remember every emotion on the big day, including lust and passion!

Let The Rain Fall.  Don’t be afraid of a shower on your big day, it can be one of the most romantic weather types to photograph.  The loved-up couple huddled together under an umbrella – doesn’t that sound gorgeous?  Why not add a splash of fun into the proceedings too with a shot of the couple in wellington boots enjoying a frolic in a puddle under a brolly?

Don’t Be A Robot!  Working out a relaxed pose that still shows off your best bits can be tough, but remember that looking happy and comfortable trumps looking annoyed and stressed out!  Try not to pose straight on with your bouquet held in front of you, it is a typical pose and not one that shows off your gown or your figure.  Turn slightly to the side and tilt the head, with a relaxed arm holding the bouquet to your side, with a slight gap between your side and your arm.  This creates a side-on silhouette, a celebrity red carpet trick which makes the body look slimmer.  Tilting the head slightly creates a more realistic pose which also elongates the neck.

Your photographs are the perfect memory to keep forever, to look back upon when you’re old and grey.  This means that you want them to look natural and happy, with memories of tranquility and love attached to them, not stressed memories about whether you posed correctly or how uncomfortable you appear in static pictures.  Add flow and movement to the photos by taking on a few of the aforementioned tips, so you have something gorgeous to look back on for the rest of your lives together.

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