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You Will Love These 12 Activities That are Fun and Money Free!

It is difficult to always be imaginative with how you spend your time, and with many attractions costing a lot of money, it can be a bit off putting when we are trying to watch the pennies. Here is a list of twelve fun and free activities and adventures that will keep you entertained for a while:


As the summer is almost here, the sun is shining more regularly and the flowers are putting on an incredible display for us, there is no better time to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and go for a stroll.



Your picnic doesn’t need to be overly indulgent, you can have your usual lunch, but just take it outside and enjoy it somewhere beautiful. The novelty and change of environment will be refreshing and uplifting. Pack a blanket, your food, drinks, jacket and your cheap umbrellas, so you don’t get caught out in a shower.


Collecting and pressing flowers

Collecting a bunch of your favourite flowers is a fun adventure. You get to see all the vibrant colours, and smell all the floral scents, and then you can  bring them home and try to preserve them for a rainier day. Pressed flowers are great when they’re stuck to homemade cards, in picture frames on the walls or as table decorations.



Colouring isn’t just for kids, in fact, there is a huge selection of adult colouring books that have beautiful designs just waiting to be brought to life. Or, if you are a creative type, have a go at drawing your own picture to colour in and maybe give it to a loved one as a gift?



If you’re looking for a tranquil and calming place, the library is where to go. Being surrounded by books, which all hold a wealth of knowledge or an absorbing story brings a sense of comfort to many. It provides a great place to sit for a while or you can ponder over the books you might like to read.


Teach yourself a card trick

When a card trick is executed well, it is impressive. Learning them off by heart so you can perform them professionally, takes a lot of time, practice and patience. Have a go at teaching yourself a trick so you can amaze your friends and family when you next meet them.


Learn how to juggle

For many, juggling is a desirable skill and although it looks relatively easy to throw and catch three balls, it can be quite a challenge, even for the most experienced jugglers! Juggling improves your posture, balance and movement, so it is not all just about looking good!



Museums, like libraries hold an abundance of information. Learning about things is enjoyable, and the time really does fly. Discover the lives of the ancient civilisations or view the elaborate clothing they wore in the 18th century.


Make a time capsule

Your time capsule doesn’t need to be overly elaborate. You could simply put your items in a shoe box or plastic waterproof pot. Imagine what you would like to see in a box that you had just found and knew was from a time before you. Maybe add a picture of yourself, a newspaper snippet, an old cinema ticket and a letter from you, to the finder.


Do a YouTube workout

Exercise releases serotonin in your brain which amongst other things, makes you feel happy. The more you move, the more you will feel energised and rejuvenated. There are hundreds of workouts available online, so you will be able to find one that suits your level of fitness and the length you want to do it for.



Sitting in front of the television during the evening is a routine that a lot of us have. Mix it up a little and fill up a flask of some warm hot chocolate and drive to somewhere remote where you will be able to see the wonders of the night’s sky.


Bike ride

Bike rides give us the chance to appreciate the area we are travelling through in more depth. When you are in the car, you miss a lot of the wonderful things as you are going past them much too fast. If you see something you particularly like, you can quickly jump off your bike and investigate it further.

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