Golf has been a staple of the British gentleman's lifestyle for hundreds of years and though the rules have stayed the same, the game's reputation has seen a massive upheaval. Courses have opened all over the world, from the hottest to the coldest of climates, but as a Scottish-born game, many are used to playing it in the rain, hence the high demand for golf umbrellas! Here's why we think they've made a recent resurgence into the world of cool:

1. They'll be at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016!

It recently came about that golf is being allowed as an official sport for the next Olympics in Rio. This means that all the accessories will be taking to the course too, on the biggest stage in the world. Although the weather in Rio isn't exactly aligned with the torrential weather that Scotland began the game with during the Middle Ages, the umbrellas can be used as parasols in the heat, and there's no doubt that massive sports brands will be queuing up to donate their gear, sports brollies and equipment to the Olympians competing.

2. They Can Survive a Wind Tunnel

Check out this YouTube video, which demonstrates the wind resistance of a typical golf umbrella. The pressure these things can take is huge and hey, the ability to block out the elements during that critical moment when you're taking your shot could make all the difference between a birdie and a bogey!

3. Their Fame

Fashion within the world of sport has become more and more main-stream and this has extended into golf, a sport arguably at the pinnacle of sports fashion - in fact Nike recently won an award for their golf attire. Golf brollies get a lot of TV coverage during golf tournaments and other umbrellas have recently made it not only into the iconic GQ magazine but also on to ITV withstanding winds of 40mph extremely cool.

4. Their Customisability

The scope of styles to choose from out there is enormous. The colour and design of your golf umbrella can be customisable with whatever outfit you choose to wear on the golf course too so that its primary function can be connected to its aesthetic value. Golf has always been seen as an older man's game but since players like Tiger Woods took the reigns and started to dominate, the younger generation have stepped in - check out this bright purple number!

5. Their Size

Golf umbrellas differ from regular umbrellas in size, shape and functionality. While regular umbrellas are used for one person to protect themselves from the rain and can struggle to cover two at a push, a golf umbrella is much larger, often large enough to cover the player, a set of clubs and even the caddie. Golf umbrellas can also incorporate small vents to allow for better protection against strong winds which stop them from turning inside out.

That's why we think they're cool - have we convinced you yet???