In any given year in the UK, almost a third of the days will experience some form of rainfall - the average number is around about 130-140 days of rain per year.

If you are planning any kind of outdoor event, there’s always going to be an outside chance that there will be rain. With that in mind, why not use the bad weather to your advantage and advertise your business with branded umbrellas?

Don’t think of the rain as a problem - see it as an opportunity! One of the most cost-effective promotional products, branded umbrellas have a fantastic large print area on their canopy allowing you to stamp your brand on multiple panels. Not only that, you can coordinate the colours of your umbrella to match your business!

Adding your logo to an umbrella can be the perfect way to promote your business at large-scale events and outdoor gatherings. They are the ideal mobile advertisement for any brand and are guaranteed to be seen by hundreds, if not thousands, of people depending on the size of your crowd.

Our designer branded umbrellas are a great way of getting your company name out into the public domain, and they’re sure to turn heads as a unique and memorable advertising method. Another key benefit of choosing branded umbrellas is the fact that almost any logo or design can be printed on the canopy - making them incredibly flexible and suitable for any business.

The best type of umbrella to use for branded is a golf umbrella - ideally the bigger, the better! Not only does this provide the biggest area for printing, it also offers the most protection to its user from the rain.

Major advertisers such as Sony and Unilever are turning to branded umbrellas as part of their communications strategy.

In contrast however, Coca-Cola is an organisation that is continuing to make use of highly distinctive adverts for each of its brands - something it argues is required by the variety of products it sells.

So there we have it, use the weather to your advantage and get yourself some branded umbrellas!