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What are the Main Differences Between Golf and Standard Umbrellas?

Golf umbrellas aren’t just for the golf course. You might never have held a golf club in your life, and yet you could still be the proud owner of the perfect golf umbrella. If this is a new thought for you, think of all the times you’d like to be carrying something waterproof that’s not just good looking, but durable, high quality, strong and resilient. Whether it’s for walks in the winter, sheltering from the beach sun, or rainy firework nights where you need rain cover with portability that’s easy to share, golf umbrellas offer it all.

When you think about it, for a golf umbrella to be any use on the golf course, it needs to withstand weather conditions all the while remaining stable and resilient. No one wants to have to turn their umbrella back round the right way after a sudden gust of wind has inverted it when they’re trying to focus on their game.

The umbrella fabric has to be good not just for guarding against rainfall, but also for filtering out strong sunlight. It also needs to be lightweight enough not to be uncomfortable to hold during play. That’s a lot for one umbrella. Often the fabric in a golf umbrella is doubled for strength, with vents that allow wind to pass through without causing instability. When you have a decent golf umbrella in your hands, you know all about the quality and design.

Of course, the biggest difference between golf umbrellas and standard umbrellas is that golf umbrellas tend to be several sizes larger than other umbrellas. That makes them perfect for sharing, and they make a visual statement that put other umbrellas in the shade. That’s why you often find hotels and organisations using golf umbrellas as a marketing device, with printed logos and taglines that make them great for souvenirs and corporate gifts.

Standard umbrellas might have a design focus thats about being compact, or less expensive, or coming in fashionable colours. But golf umbrellas are designed to last more than a few seasons, and to handle all kinds of weather conditions. You could happily leave one in the boot of your car, and on the occasion you really need an umbrella it will be an absolute godsend.

So there are just some of the differences between golf and umbrellas and standard umbrellas. You never know, it might be time to invest in your own golf umbrella even if you’ve never even heard of Tiger Woods.

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