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How To Make Your Very Own Paper Umbrellas

We like umbrellas so much we tend to be always on the lookout for new ideas for umbrella-themed fun. So, how about this. Ever tried making your own umbrella? Not many people have. But if you’re feeling creative and umbrella manufacture has been a longterm challenge on your bucket list or even just an impressive parlour trick you’d like to teach the kids, here’s your opportunity. All you need is craft paper. Well, and a few other things.

On the craft paper, draw a circle, the circumference of a tin can. Now draw another nine of them. By this time, you should have ten circle shapes, all being well. Cut them out.

Cutting over, now it’s time for some folding. Fold each craft paper circle in half, to make a craft paper semi-circle. Then fold those in half again. (Fun isn’t it!) By now you’ll have triangle shapes with a curved base rather than a straight one. That’s just as it should be, so well done.

Use some tape in the centre of each folded triangle shape to keep it folded. Then - and here’s the tricky part - using double-sided tape, attach all 10 of the folded shapes to create a full circle of them. There you go.

Next, with some forestry wire, create the umbrella handle. 10cm long should do it. Make a loop at one end (which is best done with small pliers) and a hook at the other end. The loop will give you something to hang it by, and the hook will give your umbrella that iconic look we know and love. If forestry wire is hard to come by, or you prefer a wooden handle, why not try a skewer or a cocktail stick as an alternative. No hook or loop though, obviously, if you do that.

If you went for the wire, stand the wire (by the hook end) in some plasticine, push the paper canopy onto the loop, secure with a glue gun, and you have your finished umbrella at last. If it’s a cocktail stick, do almost the same. Tada!

Ok, we didn’t say it was useful in a shower of rain, but then every single umbrella we stock is good for that if that’s what you were looking for. On the other hand, none of our umbrellas are great for shoving in a cocktail glass, whereas your stylish paper creation is going to look lovely. Make more of them and string them together to create some lovely bunting for al fresco dining or to drape around the conservatory.

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