It can be subtle or glaringly obvious, but the colours you choose for your wedding will be a big factor in whether the whole look pulls together visually on the day. Here are some tips.


Don’t be under pressure to have to have all your bridesmaids dressed in one colour. Not everyone suits the same shades, and you could end up with someone feeling very out of place as they try to pull off a colour scheme that’s unflattering for them. Instead, consider tones that blend well, and you’ll have a look that is both flattering and contemporary; and your bridesmaids will love you for it!

Don’t end up too conservative with your colours because you tried too hard to make it perfect. Try something bold if you want to make a statement. You could experiment to see whether a crimson shade gets brought to life with a splash of yellow or purple. Surprise yourself, if you have a friend who is particularly good with colours, why not ask them for their advice?

Flowers are key, but don’t go overboard trying to make them all match exactly with the desired theme. Because they’re natural, a few different shades will help create a more organic feel to your colour theme. Don’t find yourself at a dead end because you can’t source the perfect shade, compromise!

Don’t rely on colour swatches alone to find out what works, think about the textures too. It’s interesting to notice that colours that don’t seem to go too well together when they are printed on a card, can often pop into beautifully blending shades when one is dyed in silk, one painted on wood, one is in natural petals, one is a shade of balloons or ribbons.

Don’t ignore the existing colour scheme of the wedding venue. You might even want to make a decision as to what has priority - the venue or your colours. If the decor is natural, you have more scope to make a mark. But if there’s already a strong theme at work, consider working with it, rather than against it.

If you are having some of your wedding in the great outdoors, a wonderful way to add some extra personalisation to the outside décor is through the use of wedding umbrellas! These are available in a wide range of colours, and will often come in handy in rain or shine!

Don’t confuse the schemes by not being clear. Let the invites and thank you notes have the same colour scheme so that everything ties up. It’ll mean the souvenirs and memories carry the same shades throughout.

Those are just some hints for your wedding colours. Remember though; the rules are there to be broken!