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Make use of a broken umbrella and turn it into a bag

Sometimes the British weather can be too much for your umbrellas, but there is no need to let your umbrella go to waste. Just a little work can turn your umbrella into a waterproof tote bag that can be used over again.

This project will not require a lot of sewing skills, but a sewing machine will make it easier if you have access to one. Besides the fabric from the broken umbrella, you’ll need some thread, an iron, a pair of scissors and a large smooth surface area to work from.

Remove the Velcro strap as well as all the material from the umbrella. Follow these instructions or you can use a reusable shopping bag as a template.

  • Lay the fabric flat, and fold one side up to meet the other, then fold the sides in to make a rectangle shape.
  • Pin the square sides together and cut off the excess fabric – but remember to keep them as they will be the handles.
  • Iron where you have pinned, and sew those edges up, by hand or by machine. Make sure the edges are strong you want these bags to last. Now the body should be done.
  • For the handle, cut two strips from the excess material, and sew them together along the edge so you have a double sided handle strap.
  • Sew the handle in a place that will be comfortable for you on the inside of the bag, double stitching for extra strength. Turn the bag the right way out and you should be finished!
  • For extra convenience, take the Velcro strap you saved, roll the bag up, with the handle tucked in and fasten the strap around it to keep it together.

This bag is a handy DIY project that means your broken umbrella will not go to waste. A great idea could be to get your new tote bag to co-ordinate with your ladies’ umbrellas, so you are always prepared for the rainy days.

Photo by: Ian D. Keating

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