Do you have a big event coming up that you have to plan or publicise?

It can be tricky to find ways to make a splash when there are so many marketing messages in the air, and everyone’s screen is designed to catch attention.

Here are just a few ways to help bring your event to the focus of people’s minds.

First, think about FOMO - fear of missing out. If you can build up some publicity online around your event and give people the sense that they should be there, you can grow anticipation and help draw the crowds ahead of the date. Social media is perfect for getting people’s conversation directed to an event, so make the most of your Instagram and Snapchat and of course Facebook.

Build up to the event with increasing posts and hints that keep your brand in everyone’s mind. The cumulative effect of advertising will get people remembering you at the time, and wondering how it went afterwards. Those conversations are all valuable engagement.

Be really creative whenever you face a problem that looks like it’s going to slow you down. You don’t need to have an A lister celebrity to perform on the MainStage of your event. You can focus instead on presenting activities and messages that make people feel good about their lives. That kind of thing that is really going to feel like added value.

Making your event create a positive emotional memory is going to be a good idea. Music can help for this, or an evocative staging. Think about the photos that people are going to want to capture and share, and how you can find your brand message being spread in this way.

Finally, how about some merchandise. There are events where people come home with cheap branded pens and post-its, but you could consider having inexpensive branded umbrellas made for you. Umbrellas are a functional and valuable item that people are keen to have in the car or the cupboard, and whenever they come out, they’ll be having another look at your logo and tagline. Great business sense.

Those are just some ideas to help with your next event. A final thought - reach people’s hearts through good food and great music. Those are the kind of experiences that people remember for years to come.