Brides and grooms often wonder what will happen if it rains on their wedding day. But what about if you have the opposite problem? Heatwaves are becoming increasingly frequent in recent years, and if you have your wedding day during the height of the summer months, it’s entirely likely it’s going to be a scorcher. How will you cope if the sun gets full on, and you find you’re getting married on the hottest day of the year? Here are some heatwave tips for your wedding day.

It’s really important for everyone to stay properly hydrated. But since it's your wedding day, of course, you want something a little more up-market than plain water. How about a few non-alcoholic cocktails and juice drinks, or a summer fruit-punch to keep everyone refreshed. You can make it all that bit more glamorous by filling a huge vat with ice and stocking up on drinks and ice lollies to cool everyone down.

You’ll make a great photo opportunity and talking point if you organise an ice-cream van on site for your outdoor summer wedding reception. Any ice cream van will do, but if you can find a vintage one, so much the better. Who wouldn’t love an ice cream on a super-hot wedding day!

When it comes to what to wear for a wedding in the sunshine, choose lightweight fabrics that will let your skin breathe, and pay special attention to your makeup bag. SPF is essential to ensure you don’t get sunburned, and you should have some face powder handy to take the shine off for the photos. Brides don’t have to wear official wedding shoes for the whole day, so you might want to keep some flip flops handy to give your feet a break if it’s just too hot.

Remember as your bright summer’s wedding day rolls on into the evening, the insects will be having a party of their own. Burning citronella candles is a classy and practical way to protect your guests from the mozzies and bring a little ambience to the reception.

Parasols, or white umbrellas doubling as parasols, are a nice touch. Provide them for the main bridal party, and have a box of spares available for guests to borrow. They’ll look great in the photos and could be a lifesaver if the sunlight is just too strong for some of the guests. Also, if the hot summer sun turns suddenly to stormy weather, as can happen, you’ll be doubly glad for the umbrellas!

There are some ideas for a wedding in a heatwave. Whatever happens, we hope you’re walking on sunshine