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Matrimonial Mayhem: Wedding Fails To Take Heed From

We would all like to believe that our big day will go off without a hitch, however sometimes mistakes and problems are unavoidable. We took a look at a compilation of some of the most hilarious wedding day fails, and learned a thing or two about what to do to avoid disaster!

Stay Away From Water
It may look gorgeous and tropical, but having a water feature in or around your ceremony can bring you a whole host of problems. The first clip in the wedding fails video shows a couple exchanging vows on a raised platform in front of a pool, which looks great until the groomsman slips whilst handing over the ring, knocking the beautiful bride into the water. Dress ruined, very embarrassed groomsman and an extremely unhappy bride!

Photo opportunities around water can look gorgeous but make sure whatever jetty you’re posing on is steady too, unlike a collection of bridesmaids also in the video whose photo was ruined after slipping and plunging into the cold water below!

Beware of Competitive Bridesmaids
Although your best friends are happy to see you enter the world of wedded bliss, there may be a touch of the green-eyed monster among them so be careful when throwing your bouquet. One clip in the video shows two bridesmaids making a beeline for the bouquet resulting in a rugby tackle of sorts, a painful way to ensure you’re the next one walking down the aisle. Another desperate bridesmaid has her eyes so transfixed on the prize, she fails to notice herself heading straight for the bride, resulting in a few bruised bodies and egos! Catching the bouquet is definitely a superstition taken seriously at weddings, so perhaps padding and crash mats are more necessary than we thought!

Control Your Nerves
Yes it’s a big day for you and your partner, but do not forget that for any of your friends or family taking part in the ceremony, the pressure to get things right is enormous. Making sure you stand properly in a stuffy tuxedo or tight bridesmaid dress can leave people feeling a little under the weather, as demonstrated by a few people in the clip. One clip shows a groomsman slowly passing out at the altar whereas another shows a poor bridesmaid fainting and hitting the floor extremely hard!

Make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying himself or herself as they may be reluctant to express feeling unwell for fear of upsetting the happy couple. Kids can also get nervous as one clip hilariously shows a toddler flower girl running down the aisle bawling her eyes out; with lots of people staring it can be nerve-racking so try to keep children calm and relaxed.

Be Careful of Cake
The cake is the centrepiece of the reception with the loved-up couple celebrating their first moments as husband and wife by cutting the first slice. Some couples like to add fun to the proceedings by shoving cake into their partners’ face, however one clip shows a bride taking it a little too far and accidentally pushing her husband through an open window – don’t worry it was on the ground floor! The cakes themselves can be beautifully intricate and often very expensive, so a clip in which a four-tiered cake is dropped on the floor as all the guests look on causes much dismay. If you are planning on transporting the finished cake, perhaps two tiers are enough!

As if the big day wasn’t making you apprehensive enough, now there are even more things to consider! Even though the wedding mishaps in the video are incredibly unlucky and unlikely to be replicated at your wedding, it is important to be mindful of the things you can’t control – starting with the weather! We have an excellent range of beautiful wedding umbrellas and parasols so even if the heavens open on your big day you can be sure it’s not a washout!

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